Monday, February 2, 2009

boycott or not to boycott

Did you know what happen in Gaza now?There are thousands soldiers attacks Gaza.The shoots every house and building in Gaza.They also kills woman and children.They do no have any humanity feeling.The Israel army treats them like animals.They attacks Gaza in blindly.They ignore people in Gaza screaming,crying and coaxing to stop this war.All people in the world oppose the war in Gaza.It show by demonstrations from all country in the world.Some people also boycott the US brand.
In my opinion,I agree about this can help people in Gaza.How?Firstly,we should stop from buying or use US product,like Loreal,Revlon.Sara lee and many more.The money that we pay for buying this product is actually to give to an army to buy a weapon to attacks Gaza.By boycott US product,we can reduce the profit from buying the product to reduce purchasing a weapon.
Furthermore,by boycott,we also can shut down the America economy.If no selling and buying the product from America,we can block the economy in America.Beside that,as a muslim,we can help Gaza people by boycott the product from US.It showed,we can defend our muslim rights.Dont ever to look down to muslim in he world.
Moreover,as a student,we can help Gaza by boycott the product from US.We can use our local brand in daily.Sometime,the local product is more valueble than US product.Beside that,we can collect the donation to give to war victims in Gaza.Perhaps,it can help the Gaza people to survive. As a muslims student,we can pray to the Gaza people.Perhaps,Allah s.w.t can help them and protect them from the Israel army.
As the conclusion,we should boycott the US product to help the Gaza people and together we support our local products..

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Miss Syaz said...

Though you said it was difficult for you to create your blog, now you manage to post your entry. I'm proud of you girl. Keep it up. Take care.